Training details:
Wynyard High School – Music Room
Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm
Beginners start at 6pm

Whilst it is anticipated that the group will meet each week, there will be times when practice will be cancelled. We welcome new members & recommend it is advisable for anyone wishing to join us to contact us prior to attending.

TRAINING information.
Learn to move, beat, and shout like a Sumo Samurai Drummer!
Starting from basics, we will teach you the fundamental rhythmic patterns from which taiko is evolved. We will look at all aspects of Wadaiko which distinguish it from other percussion as a unique traditional cultural art form, and a dynamic contemporary performing art.
Your training will involve:
Stretching & Flexibility………….Relaxation & Breathing
Energy release & Improvisation…..Movement & Form
Endurance & Control………….Coordination & Balance
Rhythm & Music………………………Focus & Awareness

Taiko is relatively simple, no musical experience necessary. Anyone can pick up some sticks and have a go, and it’s such great fun. Not surprisingly beating the living hell out of a drum with huge sticks is terrifically satisfying, and great stress relief. But more than that, most people find it really rewarding to work in a team, overcome trials and celebrate achievements together.

The workshop is very suitable for children (from upper primary level) and adults, and we will try hard to accommodate any special requirements you might have.

Taiko is a highly physical endeavour. Be prepared to get active and sweat a fair bit. Wear suitable and comfortable clothing. Please note that some activities should only be undertaken by those of sound health and fitness. Every activity is optional, and it is up to each individual to decide whether they are up to it or not. Burnie Taiko takes no responsibility for injuries sustained during taiko drumming workshops.